Rishikesh – Blessed with exciting Adventures

Rishikesh welcomes everyone to the heaven of peace and charm with great spiritual and positive energy. The holiness of temples, amazing Himalayan foothills, the peace of the valley and the spiritual melodious music of temples, bell ringing makes It is a place must visit destination for all types of travelers and tourists. Further it attracts tourists from far away countries to the birthplace for yoga, also providing amazing and thrilling adventure opportunities.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures

‘Yoga Capital of the World.’

‘ Yoga heals the Soul ‘

This is a small beautiful and peaceful city in the mountains with the flow of Ganges is located in the foothills of Himalaya. It is very popularly known for its yoga, meditation education and a place for worship. It is one of India’s holiest cities where consumption of alcohol and meats are illegal.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures

It is also one of the best places in the world to enjoy and practice yoga, meditation, camping, and hiking in Rishikesh. It is very thrilling and an adventurous experience. You can also experience the rock climbing activity at Shivpuri.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures


Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
River Rafting in Ganges

Exploring Rishikesh is the best experience in changing the perspective of the mind and soul about the god gifted beautiful nature. Visiting waterfalls and water trekking are other activities which you can experience at Rishikesh. For local transportation, you can take an Auto Rickshaw also called Vikram. It is very cheap and also easily available everywhere.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures

‘ Travelling is a magical experience,

Everyone should enjoy it. ‘

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures

The gentle breeze on the bank of Ganges refreshes and enlightens the body and soul. You can also see a lot of Sanyasis and people smoking chillum opening and enjoying their life in the beautiful heaven.

Rishikesh – Blessed with exciting Adventures

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures

Ganges – India’s Holiest River

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Blessed with exciting Adventures

India’s holiest river the Ganges is considered as the backbone of most of the activities across India. Many pilgrimages from all across India and world come here to wash away their sins in the holy water of the Ganges.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Ganges – Blessed with exciting Adventures

During late 1960’s the Beatles stayed in the peaceful town of Rishikesh near the Ganges and also composed many songs for the White Album.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Double Trouble Rapid | Kayaking – Blessed with exciting Adventures

A good traveler has no fixed plans and explores the unknown destination on arriving.

Adventure junkies and enthusiasts from all across the world come here to go for river rafting and experience the different grades of rapid while rafting.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Kayaking | Rapids | Exciting Adventures

The scenery is lush green covered with quite and beautiful mountains. There are lots of yoga academy teaching the tourists different forms of yoga. Also, it is the yoga capital of the world. For cheap and budget adventure you can hire or rent a scooter to explore the local nearby places of Rishikesh. The increasing tourists in Rishikesh are due to the fact that it is the yoga capital of the world.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Friends Forever | Food | Exciting Fun and Adventure

Cafes are the best place to spend some time. Cafes are growing at a faster rate. They serve dishes starting from vegetarian foods to tropical freshly made drinks. Some of the well known and must visit cafes are Little Buddha Cafe and Paradise Cafe.

Most of the cafes are set along the river. So one can enjoy the food and drinks with the beautiful view of Ganges. All the cafes make the travelers spending some time in cafes for writing, reading, gossiping with others enjoying the serene view of the Ganges.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures

This city is completely full of adventure activities like rafting, camping, hiking and extreme water sports activities like Kayaking. In the beautiful environment of Rishikesh, you can feel the fresh air.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures

This holy place isn’t just about the pilgrimages, there are lot more things to do just sit by the banks of Ganges and enjoy the melodious and rhythmic music made by the flowing water, just dip your foot in the water to feel the freshness of life.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Kayaking | Adventure | Rishikesh to Haridwar

‘Travel brings back live into your life.’

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures
Team for Adventure

Tapovan is the best place with the amazing view of the Ganga emerging far off from the hills to get an affordable and relaxing accommodation. Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula are just walking distance from this place. The combination of the fresh mountain air and sunrise over the hills with the magnificent flow of Ganges are the iconic symbols of this beautiful Indian town.

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures

‘It’s all about getting there,

Never stop exploring.’

Rishikesh - Blessed with exciting Adventures

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Why Traveling?

‘ Travel far enough,

We have a world to see. ‘

I can’t think of anything better than traveling and exploring unknown beautiful and interesting destination. It is not always comfortable and relaxing. You have to always manage with your travel mates and face the challenges of the journey. And also without the adventure, your existence of life becomes a series of boring guesses. Adventure is worth while. The world id wonderful to move, to run, to fly, to breathe, to swim. So keep traveling and exploring, it makes you bereft of speech and turns you into a storyteller.

‘ A little stop before traveling can make your journey more memorable. ‘

‘ Don’t DREAM about places,

Plan them to EXPLORE. ‘

Are you ready for the real take off?

Do always remember the fun, the adventure and the life long experience starts at the end of your comfort zone.

‘ Explore the journey to discover the ADVENTURE. ‘

AND why we travel ?

To explore ourselves. To get an exposure to the whole world and also to get a wide knowledge about different culture and tradition existing in this beautiful world. We travel not to escape from others but to meet others and explore the tiny beautiful existence of the world. It is not possible to travel to each and every part but try to travel and explore as much as you can.

‘ Time Never Stops,

So Why



India Art Fair ’17


India Art Fair ’17 was held at NSIC Exhibition ground, Okhla, New Delhi. We visited there on 5th February to explore 72 Indian and International Art Galleries. It was very chill place to enjoy a lot of food and drinks with the artistic look everywhere. A lot of seatings were also placed to relax and enjoy the amazing art and culture. It exhibited art works from the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Srilanka and Bangladesh. Few paintings were showcasing themes like ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘In search of Peace’. The fair also hosted Artists Talk sessions where you can hear the art curators and professional artists and you can also have an amazing interaction with them. Also, speaker forum was also arranged to exchange the thoughts of different art forms and a lot of seating were also placed to relax and enjoy the feelings of each masterpiece painting. The whole area was very chill to enjoy the delicious foods and drinks with the marvelous and beautiful artistic scenic view. India Art Fair was full with intense array of different types of art forms. Also, some renowned artists like M. F. Hussain contributed his some beautiful amazing piece of art work.


India Art Fair ’17 was the 9th edition of the Indian sub-continent biggest Art event. Indian artists are always known for their rich colors and unique paintings. Entering the India Art Fair, the colors lured me and the architectural structure with the unique colors made my eyes opened. The color, culture, history and fantastic work by artists all over the world is very amazing to see. India Art Fair was for the Art and Craft lovers. The fair is focussing to reflect the South Asia’s diversified art and to exchange art, disciplines through the faces of the innocence people in the glorious part through the wonderful paintings.



‘ Travel is all about to be lost in the right direction. ‘



Main Attractions of India Art Fair ’17

BMW Art Car

The centre of attraction of India Art Fair ’17 was the BMW Art car by Sandro Chia, an Italian contemporary Artist. BMW art car showcased the design of the rolling sculptures depicting variety of emotions. Sandro Chia draws inspiration from the people how they viewed the automobiles in the art world.


The Red Magical Masterpiece Sculpture

The red cube with the laser patterns having floral designs was a beautiful art work of Pakistani-American Artist, Anila Quayyam Agha. This amazing masterpiece captures the interesting story of her life and femininity of her late mother. It casts beautiful shadows in the exhibition area.



Beauty of Taj Mahal

This abstract beauty of one of the 7 wonders of world, Taj Mahal is a great art work of Sudarshan Shetty. It recreates the historic monument with the miniature art blocks of mirrors and glass designs. The reflections inside this beautiful structure is very amazing to see.



“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”



Kerala – A Road to Spiritual Adventures

‘If there is a heaven on Earth. It is here. It is here.’ Kerala – A place for spiritual adventures.

I find it incredible when thinking about the beauty of Kerala. Kerala is a state with long coastline along with stunning beaches, a rich culture and diversity, ancient heritage palaces and majestic spiritual temples, lush greenery filled with backwaters. This place is meant for all type of travelers due to its pleasing, charming and mesmerizing beaches which is the best gift for your body and soul.

Kerala is very true for ‘God’s own country’. Kerala is a hill country having its own coconut trees, spice growing plantations, Ayurvedic farm and the pleasant climate which makes the experience of the beaches more amazing. It is such a place o the planet Earth blessed with the magical beauty and charming nature. Kerala is famous for its shell necklaces, fresh coconuts, smell of fish curries touching lips, grilled tiger prawns, aromas of species. Kerala’s food is just great as always.

‘Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before’

– Dalai Lama

Incredible Beaches of Kerala

  • Alleppey Beach

  • Kollam Beach

  • Kovalam Beach

‘The best kind of therapy is the beach therapy’

Alleppey Beach

One of the most attractive and beautiful beaches of Kerala, situated in Alleppe locally known as Alappuzha, a place well famous for backwaters and houseboats. Kerala is just incomplete without houseboat cruise. This beach is 5 years old. Also called as the ‘Venice of the East’. This beach is a great place for picnic to have some great and amazing time with families in the beautiful backwaters.

Kollam Beach

Kollam beach is sandwiched between the Ashtamudi Lake and Arabian Sea situated in shoreline of Kollam. It is the best place to explore the southern backwaters. This beach is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach. It is completely surrounded by fishing settlements and fishing nets. The serene atmosphere and the Tangasseri breakwater engulfs the explorer to spend some time in the beach with water.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach also known to be the ‘Paradise of South India’. It is one of the most popular beach with shallow waters and low tides. It is situated in Tiruvanathpuram by Arabian sea. Main attraction of this charming beach includes the Ayurvedic Salons, Healing and Spa Resorts for variety of natural Ayurvedic treatments for tourists. Water sports is the craziest part of the beach. It is very amazing watching the beautiful golden sun-rays and enjoying a sunbath. The evening view of this beach is eye-catching. 

‘Happiness is standing on a beach and waiting for the beautiful sunset to feel its glorious magic’

Kovalam Beach is divided into three beaches

  • The Light House Beach

  • Crescent Beach

  • Hawath Beach

The Light House Beach

The light house beach is situated in the foothills of Kuramkal Hills is famous for its beautiful architect of red and white painted light house that gives the beach a very peaceful look. And during the nights when the light falls on the beach from the light house, the view is very amazing to watch.

Crescent Beach

Crescent beach also known as Samundra beach is a quite pleasant place for leisure walk. It is very relaxing watching the waves touching the side rocks.

Hawath Beach

Hawath beach also known to be Hawa beach. It is popular for its blue waters. It is perfect place to relax in evening. Interestingly, this beach was famous as topless beach.

All the beaches have a wide variety of delicious eating options giving a magnificent view.

Thekkady : Exposure to Beautiful Nature

‘A place that will make you fall in love with it’

Thekkady is famous for Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is located bear Periyar, longest river which is the lifeline for the state. The township of the city is Kumily which is the border of Kerala and Tamil-Nadu. Periyar lake is the artificial lake constructed during the building of the Mallu Periyar Dam. Thekkady is only known for its plantations and beautiful homes. The owners of the plantations modernize their stay for relaxing comfort.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve is responsible for Eco friendly tourism. It is having beautiful resorts and 5-star hotels for home stays and small lodges for the tourists. There are few activities like camping in jungle, nature walks, Safari Ride and boating managed by KTDC (Kerala Tourism Department).

There are two types of boats available – boats with single deck and boats with both upper and lower deck. Try to get a upper deck to watch the beautiful and amazing serene beauty of nature and get capture some good photos. It is at times very disappointing if you don’t get a chance to see the elephants there. But nature’s love will make your mind and soul completely relaxed.

Thekkady consists of multi-layered forests. it is the ultimate reservoir of endangered species. Also, this heritage city is rich in tribal tradition and culture. And if you want to witness the culture of tribal then you can visit the Tribal Heritage Museum. 

Kochi – Old Charm of the World

Kochi is a port city in India’s coastal state Kerala. New Kochi is called as Ernakulam. While traveling and crossing the BOT Bridge and Wellington Island, the serene view is very amazing to watch. It is very interesting to watch the multicultural  flavor of people. Bastions and Mansions built by British, Portuguese and Dutch are very well constructed. Kochi is also known as Cochin.

Five main attractions of Kochi

Dutch Palace

Dutch Palace was built by Portuguese. This palace have heavily decorated walls which attracts the tourists to spend some time there. The rectangular palace is fantastic to see and exploring the Hindu sculptures depicting the stories from Ramayana.

Chinese Fishing Nets Settlements

Chinese fishing nets are situated near the Fort Kochi. These nets are fixed land installments. It is operated on a set of bamboo and teak poles on shore. This fishing technique is originated from the court of a Mongolian King which is operated by a group of 4-5 people. Children playing football near the beach is very amazing to see.

Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue is situated in Jew streets, oldest synagogue in the commonwealth of nations. The nearby streets consists of shops selling art works, hand made works, hand made and designed clothes, small antique statues and beautiful gift pieces. Blue patterned Chinese floor tiles and Belgian glass chandelier’s attracts the tourists. Presence of Jewish community can be felt near the Jewish Cemetery.

Churches – That’s our Home

Must go to church in the evening.

St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church is one of the oldest church built by Europeans is situated near Dutch Cemetery little far from the fort Kochi. Tourists are attracted by the beautiful architecture and ambiance of the church. Stepped pinnacle on the both sides of the facade is impressive to see.

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is a catholic church built by Portuguese. It is the 2nd oldest Diocese of India. Lovely and inimitable paintings on the wall of the church are beautiful to see. Ceiling of the church depict scenes of crisis of Christ through colorful paintings. Nearby shops attracts the travelers to see the local traditional items, shell necklaces, gift pieces and designed and printed dresses.

Must Visit to Lulu Mall

Lulu mall is the largest shopping mall in India situated in Edappally junction, Kochi having more than 215 outlets. It showcase the shade of modern Kerala and becoming one of the leading tourist attractions. It consists of variety of food courts, restaurants, bowling gallery, ice-skating ring and multiplexes. It also started a new initiative of e-waste collection point. It also prints its own cultural magazine ‘Lulu Happiness’.

Munnar – Doorway to Heaven

Munnar is a hill station having waterfalls and azure lakes situated in the western ghats of Kerala. It is 6000 feet above the sea level. It is also known as ‘Moon-aar’ meaning convergence point of three mountains streams – Kundala, Mudrapuzha and Nullathanni. This place redifines nature like never before. It is great in cultural and historical insight and is rich in it’s own biodiversity. It’s natural beauty and gesture of people shows Kerala’s idyllic life. The city center is crowded and accommodation is very cheap. It is amazing to see the water in lake which is tranquil, so the reflections are very clear to view. The monsoon clouds on the hills and mountain mists refreshes the mind and soul with its magical beauty. Munnar is also famous for its wildlife paradise. It’s landscape is completely full of species, rubber and coffee plantations. Tea and spice gardens are very common to see here. The beauty of its hill station attracts a large number of travelers to visit here and spend some good time in the lap of the nature.

Attractions of the beautiful Hill station – Munnar

‘Trip to Heaven’s Garden’


Devikulam is the green landscape having the tea gardens. The shape of garden signifies the shape of a fish eye. The natural beauty is covered by clouds with cool climate and the melodies of the migratory birds are very sweet to hear and enjoy the beauty of magic of nature.


Wayanad is in the northern part of Kerala. The slopping plains are having spice plantations of cardamom, black pepper. And the fragrance of nature is very pleasant.

Kundala Lake

Kundala Lake is en-route top station at Munnar. It is an artificial reservoir. During passage through the roads to reach the Kundala Lake, you can see the vast and beautiful spice gardens and its lush greenery. Boat riding is one good activity to do at Kundala Lake.

Tea Gardens – Tea Country

The landscape is covered with slopes of tea gardens spreading its lush greenery. World’s highest tea garden – Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is also located in Munnar. The fragrance of aroma of tea is just extra-ordinary.

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam is situated in a beautiful serene town. The main purpose of this dam is to implement the storage of water for different hydro-electric projects. Gesture and scenic view of nature is very beautiful to see. Varieties of handmade chocolates, dry fruits and species shops are available to have some good yummy taste in your mouth. And Kerala’s food is great as always.

Shikara Ride

Shikara Ride is famous backwater rides through the backwaters of Kundala Lake and Vembanad Lake and finally back to destination. It is very pleasant to have a luxurious and relaxing stay in the backwaters of God’s own Country ‘Kerala’.

Food In Kerala

Kerala offers a good variety of places for delicious food and sweet mouth watering desserts. Their dishes are ranging from traditional local south Indian cuisines to the world famous International cuisines. Most of the cafes, restaurants and food places provides very good ambiance and few of them also have very beautiful gardens to enjoy the delicious food with magical beauty of nature. You can also enjoy the iconic traditional dish of Kerala served on banana leaf.

India Coffee House

India Coffee House is a must visit place in Kerala because of its unique architectural design to enjoy a freshly brewed hot coffee with the rich aroma of coffee beans. The traditional Keralite dish Appam made with rice batter and coconut is very common breakfast for most of the people in Kerala and also for the travelers. People have delicious crispy appam with egg curries or any other tasty vegetarian dishes.

Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

Udaipur – the beautiful lake city and an oasis in the desert also known as Venice of East. The city of beautiful and magical lakes is linked with a large number of ghats. It is also popular as a paradise for architectural lovers. It is one of the popular gateways in India.| Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes |

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

Udaipur is also known as the City of Romance. Boat rides in Lake Pichola are the best thing to have a ride on the water. Further, it is a must visit when you are about to explore the Jag Mandir Palace and Jag Niwas Palace. It is the capital city of the state of Mewar and also known as the center of performing artists and crafts. It is renowned for it miniature paintings.

Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

City Palace

City Palace is the heart of Udaipur. It shows the architecture of Medieval, European and Chinese design which was built by Maharana Udai Singh. It is situated in the East bank of Pichola Lake. The rooms of the palaces are decorated with mirror tiles and beautiful paintings. It is converted into a museum showcasing ancient weapons, clothes, furniture, etc. with the fusion of the Rajasthani and Mughal Architecture.

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

It also includes the Palace of Pearls and the Palace of Mirrors. The balconies and towers of the Palace give a wonderful view of Lake. The hilltop gives the panoramic view of the city. The famous Mewar light and sound show is must watch.

Lake Palace

It is originally called Jag Niwas Palace. This beautiful palace was built on Lake Pichola. It is with the backdrop of Aravali hills which is served as Summer Palace as in the old times’ kings used to have parties there. It is one of the most romantic places in Rajasthan.

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

The architecture and design of the Palace are sculptured with beautiful marbles and designed tiles. The gardens, fountains and the pillared terraces are very beautiful to see.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagore Ki Haveli is a peaceful and beautiful palace. It is situated near Gangori Ghat near Pichola Lake. Further, it is having 138 rooms with the display of beautiful traditional costumes, culture and modern design and art. The main attraction is the puppet room having hundreds of variety of puppets.

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

In the evening, the haveli lightens and stages have traditional dance and music performances of Rajasthan. Haveli looks marvelous when glows in the dark night. It is the ideal place to enjoy the view of Lake Pichola. Dance and music shows are a must watch in the evening. Bagore Ki Haveli Museum is also a good place to see the ancient things.

Saheliyon Ki Bari

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

Saheliyon Ki Bari is also popular as Courtyard of Maidens. It was built in 1710 to add up to the beauty of Udaipur. Its beautiful gardens with amidst greenery, a huge pond with beautiful lotus, elephant-shaped fountains makes one feel the nature. The distinct sound of water flowing and mingling of birds are very peaceful to hear.

Lake Pichola

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

Lake Pichola is a man-made lake with two beautiful islands – Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas. Its name Pichola came from the neighboring Pichola village. It is famous as one of the most romantic places in the world. It is surrounded by many ghats and temples. And also there are numerous palaces on all sides of Lake Pichola. Boat rides to the famous islands by having a breathtaking view of Lake and Palaces are very amazing to see.

Fatehsagar Lake

Fatehsagar Lake gives a spectacular and serene landscape depreciating and showing tourists one of the beautiful creation of this heavenly nature. Near Fatehsagar Lake, there is a huge memorial of Maharana Pratap Singh with his horse, Chetak. And it is situated in Moti Nagri near Fatehsagar Lake.

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

Fatehsagar Lake is connected to Lake Pichola by a huge canal to provide water to the whole city of Udaipur. Boat rides are available to have some good time exploring the beautiful lake for both locals as well as tourists. The hilarious beauty of lake bordered by hills is very amazing to see. It also stands in the Udaipur Solar Observatory.



Enjoy the little THINGS


Haldighati – Thermopile of Mewar

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
Udaipur – The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes

Haldighati is near the mountain pass of the hills of Aravali Range. It is one of the historical places of Mewar. Haldighati name is due to its reddish-yellow colored soil in the region due to a famous battle between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Rana Man Singh of Amber. The color of the soil is due to the blood of the armies after the battle. It is world famous for its charity rose products and the mud art.

Udaipur - The Romantic land of beautiful Palaces and Lakes
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